Bashir Dawood at Aga Khan University Hospital

Supporting Medical Studies in Pakistan

Member of the renowned philanthropic Dawood family, Bashir Dawood has provided monumental support to those studying in the medical field. In addition to supporting Pakistan’s first dedicated organ transplant centre, Dawood has enabled the integration of numerous surgical facilities into the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi






Operating Rooms

Bashir Dawood funded latest Brain Surgery Technology at AKUHBreakthrough surgical suites within the Aga Khan University Hospital endorsed by Bashir Dawood offer unrivalled care for numerous conditions. Minimally invasive surgeries not previously catered for are now available through the improved facilities at the teaching hospital.

These suites, now with integrated operating rooms, enable physicians to operate with more efficiency than ever. New tools have been made available for improved precision, and patient information is more immediately accessible to clinicians. This has all been done to improve the quality of life for patients within the complex.


Advanced Neurosurgery Equipment

The Aga Khan University Hospital is incredibly proud to be one of the only hospitals outside North America to provide this top-tier neurosurgery equipment to patients.

A Neurobiotic Exoscope, the Penetero Microscope and a Deep Brain Stimulation device have all been added to the Neurological suite at AKUH thanks to the donations of Bashir Dawood.

This leading neurological suite brings AKUH one step closer to achieving the goal of becoming a world leader in neurosciences.


Refractive Laser Suite

In November 2016, AKUH launched a refractive laser suite to treat Pakistani citizens with visual disorders. This suite was bestowed with innovative equipment designed to provide minimally invasive surgical treatment options through procedures such as LASIK.

LASIK is a popular laser-based surgical procedure which corrects irregularities in the shape of the corneas, which are responsible for refractive errors causing poor vision.

The Mariyam Bashir Dawood Refractive Laser Suite makes the latest treatments of vision disorders accessible to patients who would otherwise have to travel internationally to receive them.